Sox Place

This drop in  center helps street  youth by giving them a place to call home. They provide different day time activites as well as job readiness training and offering connections to different organizations to help these youth.

Age: 12-30

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Denver Rescue Mission

Their most known location at lawrence street in Downtown Denver offers 300+ spots for overnight guest every day. They have a clinic at the shelter where they offer medical care to people in their shelter and part of their New Life Program.

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Youth Programs / Youth Involvement

Colorado Beautillion


This program offers teenagers the opportunity to learn about personal development, Financial Management, Etiquette, and Professional Relationships. Participants of the program can also qualify for scholarship opportunities.

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DPS Student voice and Leadership

The student voice and leadership program focuses on providing students with the support to succeed in the future. They focus on improving the relationship between students and adults.

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Art from Ashes

Art from Ashes offers a creative outlet for teens to express themselves creatively. They offer different workshops and classes to help kids improve on their poetry and spoken word skills to better help express difficulties in their lives.

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Gang Rescue and Support Project is a peer run project that focuses on bringing the community together and helping youth who are at risk to becoming involved with gangs by offering different programs such as Character Development, Female's rites of passage, tattoo removal and many more.

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denver indian center 

The Denver Indian Center is a gathering center for the Native community of metro Denver. They offer multiple programs including a Native workforce program, Honoring Fatherhood program, and an elder program. They also have a food bank in partnership with food bank of the Rockies.

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Student voice, student vote

This committee focuses on bringing together students in Colorado to help change state law to allow 16 and 17 year old to vote in the school board election.

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Youth on record

Youth on record offers programs for students who would like to learn more about creating music and exploring what goes into making music. They offer coaching and classes to help kids improve their musical capabilities during their open studios.

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mi Casa resource center

Mi Casa is a resource center that focuses on providing mentorship and help for people aiming to become business professionals. They offer insight on pathways to move forwards with your career and or business.

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Denver Scholarship Foundation

The Denver Scholarship Foundation(DSF)  helps students in Denver Public Schools make the transition to College easier and more accessible to all DPS Graduates. DSF offers different need based scholarships students can use at community colleges, universities, and technical colleges.

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Going to college is not cheap but this online search engine makes looking and finding scholarship much easier. All you have to do is enter personal information and it will give you a list of scholarships that you either are eligible for or might interest you.

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Youth Health 

S.T.E.P Program (Denver health)

The STEP Program at Denver Health focuses on addressing mental health and substance abuse issues with young adults through a 12 week out patient program. The STEP Program helps kids between the ages of 11-24.

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Clothing and food services

Clothes to kids Denver

Clothes to kids provides students between the ages of 3-21 with clothes for school. If you are eligible for free and reduced lunch and live within the 10 counties of Denver then you qualify to shop at Clothes to Kids Denver. You can also nominate students on their website to allow them to shop for clothes there.

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Food bank of the rockies

Food bank of the Rockies distributes food to local agencies and programs to help the community. Food Bank of the Rockies does not directly give food to the public but if you or someone you know is in need of food assistance you can ask for a referral to one of their local agencies or programs where you can receive food.

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