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Nevaeh Casanova

Nevaeh is 22 Year old and is a freshman at Community College of Denver. Alumni from DPSYLT

"The team has allowed me to become who I am, by having all the support from everyone. It has opened doors for me and my future. I have made connections I will hold on to for the rest of my life and learned new things I will use forever"

Team Leads

Ernest Daniels .jpg

  Ernest Ray Daniels II is a 23-year-old graduate of Metropolitan State University. Alumni from DPSYLT 

"I have been working with the city for over 7 years! I was born and raised in Denver, CO and I plan on being here for a long time. My greatest passion is helping youth succeed and find their own path in life. I love working with this team of amazing youth who always make our city proud!”

Ernest Ray Daniels II 

Tatyana update.jpg

Tatyana Garcia

       Tatyana Garcia is a 15-year-old         freshman at North High School.

"The team has helped me get out of my shell and allowed me to do things out of my comfort zone. Everyone is so kind and caring they're like family, they're so supportive with everything I talk about!"


Kalani Powell

Kalani is a 14-year-old freshmen at Northfield Hs

" The team taught me how to become a better person and helped me find myself. The team introduced many new experiences and relationships in my community and has encouraged me to grow as a leader and become something more positive" 

    Fern Nutter

Fern is a 14- year-old 8th grader at Bill Roberts 

. "I look forward to not only educating myself but educating others. I want to better my community and make a change."

Saniya O'Roy .jpg

Saniya O'Roy 

Saniya is a 15-year-old freshman at DSST Elevate NE HS

"I have been on the team for 2 months, and being on the team has taught me to be more active in the community. The team has introduced me to new opportunities that will better my future"


Genesis Calderon

Genesis Calderon is a 16-year old Junior at GALS

"The team has helped me put action into creating change within my community and social issues I am passionate about,I have meet other young leaders who are actively working to create change."


Santo Parras

Santo is a 16-year old junior at Erie High school 

"I like being part of the team because of all the things we do in the community with getting people involved in a lot of early prevention and intervention that's what I really want to be apart of especially in a community that really lacks that and can use it. Being apart of the team has given me relations with people important in my community and connections that are important to me I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else." 
Mikaeea Lewis.jpg

Mikaeaa Lewis

Mikaeaa Lewis is 17-Years old junior at Montbello High School


“Being on the team has been part of my success. The team show me academic skills that I use in the future and when being part of the team it’s another family I love to have” 


Nahiem Williams

Nahiem is a 16-year-old senior at Abraham Lincoln highschool

"Being apart of the team has given me opportunities to learn new things and also try new things outside of my comfort zone but also being apart of something"
Ariel 2.jpg

Ariel Lacy

Ariel is a 17-year old senior at Colorado Preparatory Academy 

 "I love that I am able to use my time wisely and be who I am. This team with opportunities has enabled me to speak up, learn different positions & to make a change in different ways for the youth and community"

Xavier Alvarez

Xavier is a16-year old junior  at Strive Smart Prep

"This my first year with the DPS safety youth program. I’m grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me because it has helped me out with my time management, and my communication skills. I have enjoyed the opportunity given to me to make a difference in the community and encourage others that anything is possible with hard work and willingness. Looking forward to a bright future ahead of me"


Laila Vialpando

Laila is a 15-year old softmore at North Highschool

I have recently just started working on the team and my experience has been great. I have learned about so many new things already that could really prepare me for the new world. I am very happy about the knowledge I have gotten since I've been hired on.

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